About Us  


TRA-Green, based in Elkhart, Indiana, exists specifically to verify the energy-efficiency and environmental-friendliness claims made for the various materials and components that go into a modular home. We ensure that these materials and components have the proper certifications to be labeled green.
We certify that a manufacturer is "green capable" that their process, materials and components can produce a green assembly.  We also verify the green claims of materials and components suppliers.
Our Verified Green Building Materials Directory was created to assist the systems-built manufacturer and buyer in finding products they can be certain are green-verified.

To this end, we participate in (and follow the standards and specifications of) numerous green-building initiatives - the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED), the NAHB, and others.

Backing our efforts are decades of international experience and accreditation in certifying Quality Management Systems, including those with environmental aspects.

Learn more about the TRA-Green Certification &  Verification Process. Contact us or call us at (574) 333-3302.