GreenFLEX Park Models are Certified Green!

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GreenFLEX Park Models are Certified Green!
Salem, OR - GreenFLEX, builders of the world's only super-insulated concrete park models have now been Certified Green by TRA Certification. GreenFLEX is now labeling their park models with the Certified Green insignia and have reached the SILVER status!
GreenFLEXTM is a novel, patent-pending material the company invented to create a building system that has advantages over both solid concrete and traditional wood frame construction. Like solid concrete the product is hammer tough and extremely durable. At the same time it weighs little more than wood frame construction while providing superior insulation at a cost that is competitive with traditional construction.
GreenFLEX park models include zonal heating systems, and even the interior walls are fully insulated to take advantage of this. Units also include low VOC insulation and hard flooring. Zero carpeting is used which reduces the amount of tracked-in contaminants that can become trapped within the fibers. The kitchen and bathroom contain low-flow faucets and the shower head and toilet are both low-flow.
Look for the "Certified Green" labels on RVs to ensure a healthier and more sustainable product. For more information on GreenFLEX Park Models visit For more information on green certification, visit or contact Mandy Leazenby at 1-800-398-9282.
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