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This program provides a complete package of services to builders in applying the principles of building science to new home construction. Focusing on the home as a system of systems, the program helps builders construct homes that are more energy efficient, comfortable and durable than conventional code-built homes. In addition, the "Environments For Living" program provides a limited guarantee on heating & cooling energy use and comfort.  A key benefit is the heating & cooling energy use GUARANTEE.  Energy use refers to the estimated annual amount of energy needed to heat and cool a home.  If actual heating & cooling energy use exceeds the estimated amount, the homeowner is refunded 100% of the cost difference by Masco Home Services.  For complete details, please visit

To get Started:
1) Complete the Program Registration Form{Select All Program(s) you wish to participate in} 
2) Become an Energy Star Partner by completing the Energy Star Partner Agreement (optional).
     Please Note: 2 ES Homes must be completed for Active Status
3) Call TRA @ 800-398-9282 or eMail  

Resources: (Excel Spreadsheets)
   Builder Presentation Packet    
   EFL Rater Checklist                                
   EFL Site Inspection 'Checklist' form           
   EFL Plan Review Standard                                      
   RESNET Listing    
   Rate Our Company       
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