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Launched in 2006, WaterSense is an EPA-sponsored partnership program that seeks to protect 
the future of our nation's water supply by promoting water efficiency and enhancing the market for water-efficient products, programs, and practices.
WaterSense brings together local water utilities and governments, product manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and other stakeholders to:
        Decrease indoor and outdoor non-agricultural water use through the adoption of more efficient products and practices.
        Help consumers make water-efficient choices, including differentiating between products and services in the marketplace and adopting simple daily activities that reduce water use.
        Encourage innovation in manufacturing
        Establish and standardize rigorous certification criteria that ensure product efficiency, performance, and quality.  

To get Started:

  1. Complete the Program Registration Form, be sure to Select any and all Programs you wish to participate in.
  2. Become an EPA Partner by completeing the EPA Partner Agreement: Manufacturer (MFG), Builder, or Irrigation Certified Professional 
  3. Contact TRA to schedule a Water Sense Inspection Call 800-398-9282 or eMail    

WaterSense helps consumers identify water-efficient products that meet WaterSense performance criteria. Products carrying the WaterSense label help save water and money, as well as encourages innovation in manufacturing.

WaterSense partners with manufacturers, retailers,distributors, and utilities to bring WaterSense labeled products to the marketplace and makes it easy to purchase high-performance, water-efficient products.

WaterSense also partners with irrigation professionals and irrigation certification programs to promote water-efficient landscape irrigation pr


    WaterSense Inspection Checklist  
    WaterSense Certifcate 'Sample'         
    Peak Water Season Tips     
     WaterSense Resources to Certifying New Homes Inspections                   
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