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Working in conjunction with the EnergyStar Program, Indoor airPLUS documents air quality. Receipt of an Indoor airPLUS Certified Label indicates that the home is a step above EnergyStar in the category of indoor air quality.

Indoor airPLUS helps builders meet the growing consumer preference for homes with improved indoor air quality. Indoor airPLUS builds on the foundation of EPA's ENERGY STAR requirements for new homes and provides additional construction specifications to provide comprehensive indoor air quality protections in new homes.

Take a Tour the IAQ House and learn how to address key pollutants room-by-room.

To get Started:
1) Complete the Program Registration Form{Select All Program(s) you wish to participate in} 
2) To participate go to Indoor airPLUS Program   
3) Call TRA @ 800-398-9282800-398-9282 FREE or eMail 
       Please Note: 2 ES Homes must be completed for Active Status
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