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Units designated for EnergyStar Certification are inspected during the in-plant assembly process for compliance with prescribed ?Thermal Bypass Checklist" criteria, HVAC, Water and/or Indoor airPlus and selection of EnergyStar rated components (i.e. exhaust fans, light fixtures, etc.) as well as other aspects of the Energy Star Program.  Upon completion at the site, the home is subject to inspections and tests: blower door pressurization test as well as a duct tightness test before the Energy Star label can be applied.
Modular and Manufacturers
To Get Started:
1) Complete the Program Registration form, be sure to Select any and all Programs you wish to participate in. 
2) Become an Energy Star Partner by completing the Energy Star Partner Agreement.
      Please keep in mind that you must complete two Energy Star Homes before you are considered an Active Energy Star Partner.
3) Select a Plant Certifier, you can see the Approved TRA Modular Plant Certifier List
      In Selecting Plant Certifier they must be Approved by TRA Certification. 
4) Select a Unit Rater, you can see the Approved TRA Modular Unit Rater List     
      In Selecting Unit Rater they must be Approved by TRA Certification. 
          How to become a Unit Rater
Call TRA @ 800-398-9282800-398-9282 FREE or eMail  

Frequently Asked questions:
1)  What are the Certifier's responsibilities?
2)  What are the Rater's responsibilities?
3)  What are the builder's responsibilities?
        a. Become a an Energy Star Partner ... Reference #2 above
        b. Get Educated on Energy Star and energy saving equipment.
        c. Hire a Site Rater 
        d. Submit: Building Profile, Plans, & Specifications

Energy Star for Modular Manufacturers Requirement Adjustment

EPA has clarified the program implementation timeline to specify that all modular homes may be qualified under Version 2.5 of the ENERGY STAR Certified Home program requirements through June 30, 2013. This includes modular homes certified through both the in-plant and HERS rating models.
This clarification is effective immediately and will be reflected in the next update of the ENERGY STAR Certified Home Policy Record, which will be posted at:
Plant Certifier Version 2.5 (v2.5) Resources: (See Version 3.0 list below for other forms to be submitted) 
Plant Certifier Version 3.0 (v3.0) Resources:
   Building Profile - Energy Data Form  (both v3.0, v2.5)
   ES Modular Home Completion Report (both v3.0, v2.5)  
   Airtightness Test Report (both v3.0, v2.5)  
   Duct Leakage Test Report (both v3.0, v2.5)    
   Indoor airPlus Checklist   (both v3.0, v2.5)
   Modular Plant Qualification Form (both v3.0, v2.5)    
   ES Documentation Submission Checklist (both v3.0, v2.5)   
 How to: (for both v3.0, v2.5)
   Report Green Capable Label Usage - Placement of Label on homes     
Additional Forms Relating to this program: (See "Select a Certifier", 'Rater' above)
    Modular Certifier Application  TRA Approval Required
Modular Rater Application  TRA Approval Required
    Appendix A - Certifiers & Raters: detailed qualifications & responsibilities
    Energy Star Manufactured Housing Fact Sheet    

Energy Star Program Links:
   Energy Star (TRA) 'Sample Certificate' v2.5/2.0                       

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